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Arma3 news:

FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Chinese Languages, Jets Static Props PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION The summer holiday season has started in Europe, and despite the hot (and occasionally rainy!) weather, our dedicated developers are more than determined to continue supporting Arma 3 and to bringing new additions and improvements to the game. Full SITREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Hotfix 1.72 (Chinese Languages) SIZE: ~8.7 MB / ~1.1 MB More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Hotfix 1.72 (Laser Targets, Drone Ownership) SIZE: ~40 MB / ~21 MB More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Malden DLC Release, Flight Model Overhaul, Summer Sale PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION Last week we've reached another major milestone on our 2017 roadmap: the free Malden DLC is now out for everyone to explore. As is usual when we release a new platform update, we're now evaluating the state of version 1.72 and will publish a hotfix if needed. In that case, depending on its requirements and testing, we hope to push this out later this week. Full SITREP
Malden, the original map from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, has been reimagined in Arma 3 as part of a wave of new, free content released today. Off the back of the $10 Arma 3 Jets DLC last month, this is the biggest update to the military sim since last year's Apex expansion. Available as DLC on Steam (if you own Arma 3, it's already been automatically added to your library), the 62 km2 map "re-uses many vanilla Arma 3 structures, vegetation, and similar assets," but "also includes additions such as colored buildings, vineyards, and barns."  Indeed, as you can tell from old footage, Arma 3's "Malden 2035" isn't a 1:1 recreation that puts each tree and shrub in the same spot. It's more like Arma 3's skin, and the assets of its existing islands, superimposed onto the bones and geometry of the old slab of land. "In comparison to the original Malden, the number and names of the towns and villages, and all locations of hills, crossroads, gas stations, have remained the same," says Bohemia. Malden, like other Arma locations, is based on Lefkada, a Greek island. Malden is bundled with a new, 10-player multiplayer mode called Combat Patrol that emphasizes "heavily randomized" combat against AI across different kinds of objectives. The mode is also available for all other existing Arma 3 maps. Malden is also the play space for Argo, a standalone game that Bohemia describes as an "Arma-based hardcore tactical multiplayer first-person shooter in which players fight as mercenaries over the remnants of a crashed space station." Previously known as Project Argo, the game features three different competitive modes focused on territory control or objective capture. Argo is "completely" free, but interestingly, a $10 "Supporter's Pack" is available for purchase on Steam, which grants the following bonuses: * Set of 13 exclusive animations for the MVP screen; * Bundle of 23 unique apparel items, including facewear and headwear, and backpacks (these items are purely cosmetic and do not offer any gameplay benefits); * Highlighted name in the leaderboards; * Access to premium servers that will be exclusively available for Argo Supporters; * Controllable vehicles in Argo's Scenario Editor; The new stuff coincides with Operation Flashpoint's 16-year anniversary. Though Codemasters retains the rights to Operation Flashpoint, Bohemia carried its spirit forward with Arma: Armed Assault in 2007. 
Because one launch isn’t difficult enough, Arma devs Bohemia Interactive are going for one-and-a-half today. The big one is Argo , their free multiplayer FPS spun off from Arma 3 . The half is an update for Arma 3 adding a new island to play on, the remake of Operation Flashpoint’s Malden which Bohemia made for Argo. All this is to celebrate the 16th birthday of Flashpoint (or Arma: Cold War Assault, as Bohemia later renamed it) today. … Today we're celebrating the Arma series' 16th anniversary with a free DLC, which returns players to a re-imagination of Malden - the iconic island terrain featured in the very first Arma game. Malden 2035 spans over 62 km2 in land mass, features 15 towns and villages, and offers many different points of interest. In addition, the Malden DLC delivers a new 12-player cooperative sandbox mode called Combat Patrol, in which you and your unit take on AI enemy forces to complete various mission objectives. In case you missed it, Malden is also the setting of Bohemia Interactive's new tactical multiplayer shooter Argo. In this free game, you take on the role of a mercenary and fight across unrestricted terrain in a 5-vs-5 matchup. Or you can team up in Argo's 10-player variant of the Combat Patrol coop mode. You can play Argo for FREE on Steam. Meanwhile, Arma 3 is currently on sale for the lowest price it has ever been on Steam and the Bohemia Store, with discounts up to 66% on the Arma 3 base game, Arma 3 Apex expansion, and Arma 3 DLC. Tell your friends and spread the word/love. See you on Malden!
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Game Update 1.72 (Malden DLC, Combat Patrol, Flight Model Tweaks) SIZE: ~6.5 GB / ~1.1 GB (depends on Apex ownership) More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
John has been writing these charts for just a few weeks and already he’s had to book a week off in order to recover. I am made of more sterling stuff, and while he’s gone it falls to me to share the details of which games sold the best last week on Steam. …
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Update 1.72 RC, Malden OPREP, Documentation Activity PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION Malden Free DLC is just behind the corner! With its release scheduled for next week, we're yet again following the internal routines of data locks, code reviews, and testing. Meanwhile, we're pushing forward with the development of the remaining DLCs on this year's roadmap. Full SITREP

Rust news: Tanks, AI, optimization, and more. New music system Three new songs Footsteps on ore nodes no longer silent Footsteps on steep inclines play more reliably Fixed water spawning a sack world model when dropped Better logic to switch between walking and running footsteps Misc audio mix tweaks Optimized foliage displacement Optimized effect lookup caching Vertiigo role-playing, real-world Rusting, an in-game museum, art, and more. First look at the Bradley APC, further face variations, optimizations, AI, and more. New feedback system Optimization pass across environment art Rock collectibles are larger Improved main menu loading time Improved skinnable warmup time Updated asset bundle splits Retired some unused physics and rendering layers Disabled the 2 east lifts in launch_site Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate colliders Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate shadow casting proxy meshe New barrel gib and impact sounds Sound mix tweaks Fixed some item skins being forced into the main content asset bundle Fixed water showing on launch site underground gate The best worst motel in Rust, some lovely art, cosplay, and more. Lots of map changes, big and small: the new Launch Site monument is in, Hapis Island is updated, we added communal cooking barrels, improved grass, and more. Servers have been wiped, too. Enjoy! Full surface of small and medium cave rooms now buildable Forest dead branch prop collider shouldn't block movement above itself Airfield Updated with tunnel network Improved monument terrain anchoring Improved monument terrain adjustments Junkpiles only spawn next to roads and powerlines Adjusted ore spawn rules so they really only spawn near rock formations Grass LOD falls off with 3D distance instead of 2D distance Adjusted temperate biome ore distribution to have more stone Barrels have a much beefier impact/death sound Autocomplete no longer prevents accessing command history Fixed weird player spine rotation in the distance Fixed Cave Ores having old loot tables Fixed ores not giving completion bonus under some circumstances Fixed a dozen invisible barrels near dome Fixed Sand/Snow Ores giving 1 hqm instead of 2 Fixed Static Repair Bench NRE Fixed Helicopter disconnect exploit Fixed in-stock exploit with vending machines New terrain grass implemented Added monument terrain blend map support Launch Site monument added Driftwood can be harvested for wood Barren has roads CraggyIsland has some roadside Pressing tab to the console quickly autocompletes current command Barrels have a much more satisfying gib Item Pickups play a world sound when picked up Vending machines show their available contents on the map Added Eye Bone to Helicopter Optics for spectating Added Hobo Barrels to Launch Site and Lighthouse Added 'Elite' loot crate at Launch Site A Rust MS Paint competition, the music of Rust guns, lots of raids, and more. Major ore changes, item drop QOL fixes, better explosions, and more. Misc sound polish Sound mix improvments Updated to latest Facepunch.Steamworks Debris and ragdolls no longer prevent picking up items behind them Doubled dropped item base despawn time Increased despawn time multipliers on rare items Seeds despawn much faster Burned meat despawns much faster Dropped items have more friction Optimized grass displacement refresh Holding down LMB with hammer hits continuously No longer have to press a belt hotkey twice to consume an item Tweaked grenade physics (no sliding, less bounciness) Tweaked grenade mass and throw velocity Mining Quarry cost reduction Resource nodes only drop ores specific to their type instead of a bit of everything Increased despawn time on a number of items Fixed rotation of grenade explosion Fixed slight grass displacement choppiness Fixed bootstrap not updating the loading screen text Fixed wood world model collider rotation offset compared to visuals Fixed rare false positive with server side weapon cooldown verification Can no longer put items into loot containers Storage containers drop their items in an item pouch when destroyed Corpses drop their items in a backpack when destroyed Item pouches and backpacks despawn as fast as the slowest despawning item they hold Added corpsedespawn convar (time after which corpses despawn and player corpses turn into backpacks) Ore stage change sounds Dropped items displace grass around them Added new explosion effects across the board Resource nodes have a 'finishing bonus' of about 20% of their total Resource nodes have new state change effects
Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios, developer of Rust, reported on Twitter today that the 329,970 copies of the Early Access survival game have been refunded on Steam. According to Newman (in another tweet), that comes to around 6% of all copies sold. (Extrapolating from that, it appears Steamspy's estimation of 5,509,983 Rust owners is pretty close to the mark.) In terms of dollars, those refunds total an eyebrow raising $4.3 million USD. It's probably not quite sensible to look at the $4.3 million as a straight-up loss of revenue. Since Steam began allowing refunds of games played for fewer than two hours, customers have presumably become much more cavalier about purchasing and trying games, knowing there's a safety net if they decide they don't want to keep them. I asked Newman via Twitter what the most common reason given for requesting a refund was, and he replied "Not fun followed by bad performance - which is pretty fair I think." The Rocket Factory nears lift-off, Hapis island's future, skin and network optimizations, and more. Fixed bright code lock lights even when off and inside Optimized entity query when leaving a network group Optimized GC allocations from client side entity group switching Lowered maxtickspersecond to 300 (from 1000) Increased maxpacketspersecond to 1500 (from 1000) Added updatebatchspawn convar (faster receiving data on spawn and respawn) Added fully asynchronous texture loading for skins Added more details to combat log when rejecting attacks An island mega-base, lots of let's plays, Vertiigo tries to git gud, and more.